Check Your Assessment
The St. Tammany Parish Assessorís Office opened the Tax Roll for public inspection August 15, 2014.  Pursuant to LA R.S. 47:1992 ET SEQ, as of 4:30 p.m., August 29, 2014 the Tax Roll is officially CLOSED.
Any Assessment Review Applications filed after August 29, 2014, will be submitted as 2015 Assessment Reviews and will be processed after the 2014 Board of Review is completed.

Additionally, any taxpayer submitting a 2015 Assessment Review after August 29th contesting the 2014 Tax Roll has, by law, forfeited any right of appeal to the Board of Review and the Louisiana Tax Commission by filing after the legally designated deadline.

Millages shown are 2013 millages.  There are still taxing bodies who have not submitted their 2014 millages and we cannot make millages available until ALL have been received.  Once all 2014 millages and estimated taxes have been submitted and approved by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor they will be uploaded onto our website.


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