Parish Millage History
Click below to review 2014 and 2015 millages by taxing district.

2014 2015 Millages by Taxing District

Below are documents from the past 10 years and include increases, decreases, and stabilized histories of various districts. For more information concerning these past millages, please contact us today.

Grand Recap 2016
Grand Recap 2015
Grand Recap 2014
Millage History: 2003-2006
Millage History: 2007-2012
Millage History: 2013

Click on the documents below to view 2013/2014 millage rates for each ward. As an example and for your convenience, we have included a tax estimate based on a $250,000 home with a Homestead Exemption. Importantly, please know that all city and town millages are not subject to Homestead Exemption.

2013 Millage Rates for each Ward

Click below to review documents from the Louisiana Tax Commission 2014 Annual Report. Documents provided include all millages for St. Tammany Parish. Millages shown are broken down by taxing body and include the revenue generated. Also from this report is a list of all parishwide millages for each parish in Louisiana and the statewide weighted millage average.

LA Tax Commission 2013 Annual Report Information
LA Tax Commission 2014 Annual Report Information



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