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 The 2014 tax roll will officially be open for public inspection between August 15 and August 29.  This "Open Roll” time is the appropriate time for property owners to check their assessed value of their home and properties.  This can be done easily by visiting the St. Tammany Parish Assessor’s Office website at, calling either of our offices or visiting either of our locations in Covington and Slidell. 


In addition to checking one’s assessment, it also important to verify the physical address of the property and the mailing address.  This Open Roll period is dictated by law and is very useful to the taxpayer.  This is the time to verify that all assessment information is accurate before the Tax Roll is certified and the tax bills go out. 


If citizens have a disagreement with their assessment, an Assessment Review may be filed with this office during this designated Open Roll period.   All instructions for Assessment Reviews are available at our offices and on our website. The deadline to file an Assessment Review with this office is the last day of Open Roll, August 29.  If after an Assessment Review, a taxpayer is still in disagreement with their assessment, an Assessment Appeal may be filed with the Board of Review (the Parish Council).  The deadline to appeal with the Board of Review is September 15. It is very important to understand that an Assessment Review MUST be filed with this office FIRST before any Assessment Appeal is filed with the Board of Review.


Lastly, over 50% of the inquiries and Assessment Reviews occur in the last few days of the Open Roll period, rendering us unable to complete them all and provide a written response to filers before the deadline for filing an Assessment Appeal with the Board of Review. This can be avoided by coming to us early and not waiting until the last minute.  So for this reason, although officially Open Roll is August 15 – 29, we will have the information loaded on our website and available to citizens beginning August 1.  Assessor Louis Fitzmorris is very pleased to have this information available to citizens early:  "Please take advantage of this extra time to check your assessment.  This will allow us more time to serve you”.

It is our mission to serve the citizens of St. Tammany Parish with fairness, efficiency and responsiveness.  If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.


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