About Us

Our mission is:

"To serve the citizens of St.Tammany Parish with fairness, efficiency and responsiveness”.

It is our responsibility to fairly and accurately assess the properties in St. Tammany Parish. We understand the importance of the decisions we make and how they affect each of you. As property owners and taxpayers we all want to be confident that we are each paying our "fair share”. This office is striving daily to work efficiently for you, the citizens of St. Tammany, in identifying the properties across the parish, determining that exemptions are granted fairly and where allowable by law, and assessing all values accurately.

Nature CenterWhat does the Assessor do?

The Assessor is required by the Louisiana Constitution to list, value and enumerate all property subject to ad valorem taxation on an assessment roll each year. The "ad valorem” basis for taxation means that all property should be taxed "according to value”. The assessed value is a percentage of "fair market value” or "use value” as prescribed by the Constitution.

What the Assessor does not do:

The Assessor does not raise or lower taxes, nor does the assessor make the laws which affect property owners. The Constitution of the State of Louisiana provides for the basic framework for taxation and the tax laws are made by the Louisiana Legislature. Tax dollars are levied by the taxing bodies of St. Tammany Parish, such as the school board, library, fire districts and recreation districts. Millage rates are determined by each individual taxing body, after a vote of the people. The Assessor’s Office does not have anything to do with the total amount of taxes collected. Tax dollars are collected by the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. As Ex-Officio Tax Collector, they are responsible for both mailing out the tax notices and collecting the taxes due based on assessment and the millage rates.



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